iPhone 6s会用上双镜头嘛?苹果已为此悄悄研究三..

6S iPhone will use the dual camera? Apple has so quietly on three..


还有几个月,新一代iPhone又要发布了,关于iPhone 6s会不会配备双摄像头的讨论又热烈起来。 在台湾《商业周刊》最新的报道里,华晶科执行长夏汝文透露说,早在3年多前、甚至更早,苹果就开始研...

and in a few months, a new generation of iPhone but also released, a iPhone 6S will not be equipped with dual camera discussion has heated up. In the latest report by the Taiwan's "business week", altek branch execution long Xia Ruwen revealed that as early as in more than three years ago, or even earlier, apple began to research.