Steam sales weekly list: Group V's VR suite sales topped the list


新一周(11.25~12.1)的 Steam 销量榜出炉,上周因“半衰期”系列 VR 新作《半衰期:爱莉克斯》公布而登上第二的 Valve Index VR 套件这周也继续引发抢购热潮,甚至登上了销量榜榜首。位于销量榜第二的仍是 Valve 旗下硬件,由于 Steam 手柄在官网商城开启了一折大甩卖活动,不过活动期间该手柄数量有限,不知道大家抢到了没有。《光环:士官长合集》即将于 12 月 3 日登陆 Steam 平台,本作的预购也从上周的第四窜到了第三的位置。本周 Steam 销量排名Valve Index VR 套件Steam 手柄《光环:士官长合集》《星球大战 绝地:陨落的武士团》《绝地...

In the new week (11.25-12.1), steam's sales list came out. Last week, the valve index VR suite, which was the second in the "Half-Life" VR series due to the release of "half-life: Alex", continued to trigger a rush this week and even topped the sales list. Second in the sales list is still valve's hardware. Because steam handle opened a big sale in the official website mall, but during the activity, the number of the handle is limited, I don't know if you've got it. Halo: a collection of officers and chiefs is about to land on steam platform on December 3, and the pre purchase of this work also jumped to the third place from the fourth place last week. This week's steam sales ranking: valve index VR suite, steam handle: Halo: a collection of officers and chiefs, Star Wars Jedi: the fallen order, Jedi