EA表示《星球大战 绝地:陨落的武士团》卖座又叫好

EA says Star Wars Jedi: the fallen order is selling well


《星球大战 绝地:陨落的武士团》发售以来销售成绩亮眼。据 EA 官方放出的消息,本作已经成为了数字版在发售头两周销售最快的「星球大战」系列游戏,而且也是 EA 在首发期间最畅销的 PC「星球大战」游戏。EA 方面表示,《陨落的武士团》同时也是「本世代评分最高的星战游戏」。根据 Metacirtic 的数据,《星球大战:战争前线》的评分是 73,其续作《星球大战:战争前线2》的成绩则是 66,而《乐高星球大战:原力觉醒》的分数是 75。至于本作,各平台上的分数都达到了 81 分。Respawn 工作室的主管 Vince Zampella 非常感谢各位玩家的支持,并表示「星球大战」系列粉丝们有很多...

"Star Wars Jedi: the fallen order" has been selling well since its release. According to the official news released by EA, this work has become the fastest-selling Star Wars series game in the first two weeks of digital release, and it is also the best-selling PC Star Wars game of EA during the first launch. EA said the fallen samurai is also "the most rated Star Wars game of our generation". According to metacitric, Star Wars: War front scored 73, its sequel Star Wars: War front 2 scored 66, and LEGO Star Wars: Awakening of the force scored 75. As for this work, the scores on all platforms have reached 81. Vince zampella, director of respawn studios, thanked the players for their support and said that there were many fans of Star Wars series