《SD高达G世纪 火线纵横》免费DLC:金异端、海涅命运参战

SD as high as g century hot line free DLC: Jin heretic, Heine fate to fight


《Fami通》刚刚公开了《SD高达G世纪 火线纵横》的一批免费 DLC 内容,包含《高达G世纪》《高达SEED ASTRAY 天空的皇女》等作品的角色和机体。角色:シグ・ウェドナー(CV:木岛隆一)独眼高达(厄瓜多尔配色)ZGMF-X42S Destiny(海涅专用机)ロードアストレイΩ金异端高达 天照本作已经推出 PS4/Switch 试玩版,游戏将于 11 月 28 日正式发售,登陆 PS4/Switch/PC 平台。 来源:Fami通

Famiton has just released a batch of free DLC contents of SD up to g century hot line, including the roles and bodies of up to g century, the Royal daughter of up to seed astray sky and other works. Role: シ12412412412454124124124124124124124124124124124124124124124124124124124124124124124124124124124124 (CV: mushima1) one eye high-up (Ecuador color) zgmf-x42s destination (Heine special machine) one eye high-high-up (Heine special machine) one eye high-up (Heine) one eye high-high-up (hein/ PC platform Source: famitong