Rockstar developers talk about the future of Wilderness Bodyguard Online


与2013年《GTA Online》刚刚发售时相比,如今该作已经拥有海量内容,几乎完全变了模样,Rockstar花了些时间才弄清楚这个游戏该有的样子。从本质上讲,它与《GTA 5》没有太多不同:在一个金钱为王、犯罪事件频繁发生的世界里,你的身份由你所拥有的财产决定。在《荒野大镖客Online》(Red Dead Online)开启Beta测试近一年后的今天,这款游戏也开始有了自己的独有特征。前不久,《荒野大镖客Online》在“Frontier”(边疆)更新中加入了三种新角色——赏金猎人、商人和收藏家,这让许多玩家更流连于在尘土飞扬的平原、翠绿田...

Compared with the release of GTA Online in 2013, it now has a huge amount of content and almost completely changed its appearance. Rockstar took some time to figure out what the game should look like. Essentially, it's not much different from GTA 5: In a world where money is king and crime occurs frequently, your identity is determined by the property you own. Nearly a year after Red Dead Online started Beta testing, the game has begun to have its own unique features. Not long ago, the wild beast Online joined three new roles in the “ Frontier&rdquo (frontier) update; — — bounty hunters, merchants and collectors, which brought many players to the dusty plains and green fields.