《Apex英雄》万圣节活动10月15日开启 限时新模式让你扮演僵尸

Apex Hero Halloween opens on October 15 with a new time-limited model for you to play a zombie


      《Apex英雄》将于 10 月 15 日至 11 月 5 日开启名为“Fight or Fright”的万圣节活动,期间将带来诸如活动皮肤,饰品和以僵尸为核心的“Shadowfall”限时游戏模式。      在“Shadowfall”模式中,每场比赛由 35 名玩家共同竞技,而王者峡谷地图也将以灯光全灭的形式回归。在该模式中,死去的玩家将会重生为僵尸,在没有武器与特殊能力的情况下,用更快的移动速度与更强的跳跃能力攻击感染其他玩家。在当场上仅剩 10 名人类玩家存活时,将会组成团队,共同抵御僵尸攻击,并前往逃生飞船完成逃离...

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & Apex Hero will open a Halloween event called "Fight or Fright" from October 15 to November 5, which will bring about time-limited game modes such as active skin, jewelry and zombie-centered "Shadowfall". & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in the "Shadowfall" mode, each game is played by 35 players, and the King's Canyon map will return in the form of total lights out. In this mode, the deceased player will be reborn as a zombie. Without weapons and special abilities, he will attack other players with faster moving speed and stronger jumping ability. When only 10 human players survive, they will form a team to defend against zombie attacks and go to the escape ship to complete their escape.