100 Thieves:作为一家电竞公司,我们是真的想把服装业务做好

100 Thieves: As an electric competition company, we really want to do a good job in clothing business.


前不久,在互联网上的一次商品销售期间,游戏爱好者们迫切地刷新一个页面,希望抢购一批限量版的运动衫、T恤和连帽衫。虽然价格不菲,但在短短5分钟里,总价值超过50万美元的运动装备就已售罄,受欢迎程度不逊色于Supreme等街头服饰品牌。这些服装上印着100 Thieves的Logo,它是电竞圈内最知名的战队之一。电竞是一个迅速发展的新兴行业,但也充满了变数,谁也不知道这个行业未来会变成什么样子,市场规模是否会像许多人想象中那样庞大。在不断变化的市场环境下,某些电竞组织开始布局其他领域,不再将自身发展完全寄托于赢得赛事冠军。100 Thieves就是这样一家公司。马特·哈格(Matt ...

Not long ago, during a commodity sale on the Internet, game enthusiasts urgently refreshed a page, hoping to snap up a limited edition of sports shirts, T-shirts and hoodies. Despite the high price, in just five minutes, sports equipment worth more than $500,000 has been sold out and is no less popular than street clothing brands such as Supreme. These clothes are printed with 100 Thieves logo, which is one of the most famous battles in the competitive circle. Competition is a rapidly developing emerging industry, but it is also full of variables. Nobody knows what the future of this industry will look like, and whether the market size will be as large as many people imagine. In the changing market environment, some competitive organizations began to lay out other fields, and no longer rely on their own development to win the championship. 100 Thieves is such a company. Matt & middot; Matt.