Switch Weekly Newspaper: Aircraft Armor Warfare Week


大家好,这里是 Switch 每周游报,致力于为各位玩家带来每周 Switch 游戏速览,帮助各位玩家筛选出值得一玩的游戏与特立独行的游戏。本栏目会在每周的第一个工作日更新,希望各位不要错过。相信最近几个月的大作,已经占满了你的行程表,毕竟两周过去了,笔者的《异界锁链》还停留在第七章。而本周即将发售的《机甲战魔》,估计又会让很多“萝卜粉”们欢呼雀跃。提起机甲,我有几个“上了年纪”的朋友,总是在“超级系”和“真实系”的喜好上针锋相对。当然这个概念并没有严谨的定义,不知各位作何感想?本周推荐机甲战魔原名:DAEMON X MACHINA游戏解锁时间:9月12日 23点(日服)语言:日港中文最低参考...

Hello, everyone. This is Switch Weekly Travel Newspaper. It is dedicated to bringing you a quick view of Switch games every week, helping you to screen out games worth playing and unique games. This column will be updated on the first working day of the week. I hope you don't miss it. I believe that the works of recent months have already occupied your schedule. After all, two weeks have passed, and the author's Outside Chains is still in Chapter 7. And this week's upcoming release of "Mechatro Warrior" is expected to make a lot of "radish powder" people cheer. When it comes to machine armor, I have a few "elderly" friends who are always competing against each other in their preferences for "super department" and "real department". Of course, there is no precise definition of this concept. What do you think? This week, we recommend the original name of the fighter: DAEMON X MACHINA game unlock time: September 12, 23:00 (daily clothes) language: Japanese and Hong Kong Chinese minimum reference.