《FIFA 20》街球模式新预告:竟然还有故事模式

FIFA 20 Street Ball Model New Forecast: There's Story Model


EA 在今年 E3 前夕公布了《FIFA 20》,其中新增的街球模式(VOLTA Football)不久前有了一段新预告:视频地址在该模式中,玩家可以创建属于自己的球员,进行在线联机或游玩联赛,并且该模式还将拥有一个完整的故事模式。玩家可以在世界各地 17 个街头球场玩 3 对 3、4 对 4 或者 5 对 5,除了正式的 5 人足球规则外,玩家还可以选择「没有规则」,还原真正的街头足球。 《FIFA 20》将于 9 月 27 日发售,需要注意的是本作的 Switch 版并不包含此模式。视频截图:来源:VG247

EA released FIFA 20 on the eve of E3 this year, in which the new VOLTA Football has a new announcement recently: Video Address in this mode, players can create their own players, online or play tournaments, and the mode will also have a complete story mode. Players can play 3-to-3, 4-to-4 or 5-to-5 on 17 Street courses around the world. In addition to the formal five-player football rules, players can also choose "no rules" to restore real street football. & nbsp; FIFA 20 will be released on September 27. It should be noted that this model is not included in the Swich version of this work. Video screenshots: Source: VG247