Switch Dark Fantasy RPG "Dead Seal of the Dragon" will be released in official Chinese version


开发商 Inti Creates 今日宣布,Switch 黑暗奇幻动作 RPG《龙之死印》将推出官方中文版,预定将于2019年春季发售。视频地址身为龙血族人的主角群,为了拯救龙血一族的巫女「阿弥加」,并向毁灭故乡的中央国家「梅迪乌斯」复仇。而和古龙「阿图姆」定下契约,获得龙之力。主角群将使用那份力量,完成来自其他人的委托,逐渐提升自己的名声。根据其结果,将会导向多种不同的结局。委托的内容除了讨伐敌人之外,还有船只警备、取得宝物、救出公主等大大小小的各式任务。玩家可从能力各异的4位操作角色(皇女/战士/忍者/魔女)当中选出一位做为主角,打倒敌人取得经验值,进而提升等级。等级提升时,可以任意选择提...

Developer Inti Creates announced today that Switch Dark Fantasy RPG "Seal of the Dragon's Death" will launch its official Chinese version, which is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2019. Video addresses are the protagonists of the Dragon Bloods, in order to save the Dragon Bloods witch "Amiga" and revenge the central country "Medious" which destroyed their homeland. And he made a contract with Gulong "Atom" to gain the strength of the dragon. The protagonists will use that strength to complete the commission from others and gradually enhance their reputation. As a result, it will lead to many different outcomes. In addition to fighting against the enemy, the Commission also includes various tasks, such as vessel guarding, acquiring treasures, rescuing princesses and so on. Players can choose one of the four operational roles with different abilities (Queen/Soldier/Ninja/Devil) to play the leading role, knock down the enemy to gain experience, and then upgrade the rank. When the grade is raised, you can choose to raise it at will.